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"Indian Food Made Easy"

acme | Jan 8, 2008 05:52 PM

Has anybody else seen this food show; it's hosted by a British chef named Anjum Anand. I believe it has just started running on the AZN channel. She takes traditional Indian food, makes it as lite as possible by using the least amount of fats but keeps all the spices and flavorings. She demonstrates with the help of her friends, everyday people and small restaurant owners. The show has a high production value, showing Ms. Anand out in the shops and markets purchasing ingredients and preparing the meals, sometimes in her own kitchen. Reminds me a lot of Nigella (intelligence, wit, and yes they even look a lot alike) but without all the spoon licking and side long glances. But hey, only Nigella could get away with that! I was thinking this might be the first time I've even seen a program that deals only with Indian food preparation, and I'm enjoying it. Television producers, we need more shows like this!

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