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Incongruently-named/Silly/Misleading Recipe Names


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Incongruently-named/Silly/Misleading Recipe Names

mamachef | Jun 4, 2011 05:32 PM

Have you ever seen a recipe that led you to believe it was something other than it was? Today, I was leafing through a fairly recent edition of a women's magazine, and noticed a recipe for "Spring Fling Salad," which name wants to make me grit my teeth anyway. (Too cutesy.) To my suprise, it called for chopped apples, walnuts, diced pears and a cider-mayo dressing, similar to Waldorf salad, give or take.
To me this salad doesn't speak to Spring at all, mainly because I don't remotely associate those ingredients with that season. Of course they're available all year long, but I'm talking truly seasonal here, the point being, why in the world would somebody think that was a good name for this salad?
Got any others? Silly Recipe titles? Misleads?

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