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Imported Lipton Teabags?


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Imported Lipton Teabags?

iron frank | Jun 3, 2002 10:18 PM

I usually find Lipton and the other major commercial black tea bags too astringent for my tastebuds but I had a nice cup of Lipton tea in a chinese bakery once. It was just your standard NYC Greek Muraled to go cup, no china or ceramic receptacle to enhance the taste. The teabag tag said Lipton but looked different than the bags I usually see at the supermarket. Is there a superior blend for the Chinese market specifically that differs in blend or quality of leaves? It was a pretty low-end place that didn't look like they'd splurge on some private stock Lipton reserve or anything.

Any ideas? Maybe they just slipped some sugar in on it against my wishes and that made it so smooth. If there is a different blend I've got to know where to find it.


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