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getting impatient with a 7 hour leg of lamb


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getting impatient with a 7 hour leg of lamb

drdawn | Oct 24, 2004 11:50 AM

the recipe calls for the thing to sit in the oven at 150 celcius for seven hours in a sealed tight dutch oven, promising falling off the bone meat. I put it in too late, though with the intention of lobbing a few hours off the end. 7 hours seemed improbable to me. Now I'm regretting it.

Should I take it out in, say, an hour and a half as if I've roasted it? How long do I have to leave it in for it to start the falling off the bone thing? What if I raised the temp--would it speed things along or just dry it out?

Admitting this was a rather dumb thing to do.


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