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Immersion Blender - proper usage?

Cady | Mar 24, 201201:06 PM

I just got my first immersion blender, a Cuisinart. If it turns out I like it/use it a lot, I'll get a better one, but this is about a $40 model, good to experiment with.

In the instructions, it says to blend with an up and down motion. Well, I made a pureed asparagus soup the other night - first and only time I've used it, and it was *fabulous* - and when blending, the thing wants to suck to the bottom. I mean, I could have almost lifted the pan with the amount of suction it produced. Holding it up so it wasn't sucking on the bottom was actually work...it kept trying to drag it back down.

Essentially all my blending time was simply spent fighting to keep the blender from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Never did get it to do an "up and down" motion, though it blended just fine.

I'm obviously doing *something* wrong. What?


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