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Ichiban on Eglinton E. - not bad!

50firstdatesguy | Jan 2, 2008 07:16 PM

So this place was highly regarded in some Japanese resto threads and I happened to be there the other night with a large party so I thought I might post a review.

Service - very good. Waitress was prompt, pleasant, didn't make any mistakes with our orders and was very attentive with the removal of dishes and whatnot. Also, our group had a mix of payment methods so she had to break the bill down into about 4 or 5 parts, this was done quickly and accurately. Based on the size of our party we also received some complimentary sweetened fried chicken to start with.

Sushi/sashimi - very good. I had the 25pc boat (all to myself!) and the fish was definitely fresh and presented well. There was shredded daikon served with it, and that was a nice authentic touch. Shiso leaf would have really added to it, as many enjoy wrapping their sashimi in shredded daikon and shiso leaf before dipping. I have no idea whether that's readily available here but as I say it really would have added to the authenticity overtop of lettuce.

Gyoza - so so. Deep fried dumplings, nothing more. The process of boiling and then lightly frying should give gyoza both a soft and crispy side without drying out the shell. By contrast these were completely dried out and crunchy, not really what I had hoped for. No chili oil in the dipping sauce either, but then again I didn't bother asking since I gave most of them away.

Edamame - very good, hot and salted as it should be.

Takoyaki - so so at best. Deep fried balls of mayonnaise/fish-flavoured stuff. Not authentic, don't bother. See: the takoyaki thread.

Rolls - I didn't have any myself but several others did and they were all presented well and no one complained. Quite a few Japanese among us too. Portions were good.

Miso - not bad, flavourful and not watered down.

Price point - Reasonable. For two of us the total was around $90 and that's with some non-alcoholic drinks, three appetizers, my 25pc sashimi boat, her 15pc sashimi set, tax and tip. I left feeling satisfied stomach-wise and wallet-wise.

Overall - definitely a place I would return to and I will keep it tucked in my back pocket for future occasions. They also have private booths and dining rooms, I wouldn't hesitate to book a small gathering there if the occasion called for Japanese food.

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