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IC IC IC for "Recommended" at the bottom of screens


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IC IC IC for "Recommended" at the bottom of screens

LindaWhit | Sep 2, 2014 06:29 AM

So patsully, et al - why is this considered a GOOD THING (to quote Martha)?

I know it's already been mentioned by many on the "Continued Feedback" thread, but I figured I'd start a new thread to draw some attention to the issue since there's not been any response.

You do realize that having an IC IC IC (or HO HO HO for some others, depending on the way you're viewing Chowhound) doesn't entice people to click on those "Recommended" posts, right?

Just to note - I'm currently on my work computer using Chrome. But I also saw it on my laptop at home (also using Chrome) and on my Kindle Fire, AND on my smartphone.

The assumption is that you want "CHOW" to show as the picture. Well, it doesn't. You're getting a partial "I" and a partial "O" - resulting in IC IC IC or HO HO HO.

Perhaps the latter is appropriate at Christmastime, but overall, doesn't add to the workability of Chowhound.

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