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Hurt by cheap pine nuts in Stamford

dairygodmother | Nov 24, 201108:02 PM

OK, so maybe 'hurt' is a little dramatic. But I was hit with something with a silly name called "Pine Mouth" that is anything but silly. I purchased a bag of pine nuts from Shop Rite and 48 hours after ingesting them everything I ate had a horrible, bitter, metallic aftertaste -- for a WEEK! Thankfully Thanksgiving dinner was my first normal meal.

This is a documented problem with a specific type of pine nut imported from China (my bag said Made in USA!) called pinus armandii. THey are smaller, rounder, and more of a mottled brown than the long, creamy even-colored rectangular pine nuts from Europe. They tasted fine.

I will tell you this is NOT fun. Most people get it for 2 weeks, apparently. I found a lot of message boards claiming Whole Foods and Trader Joe's not only sell them, but are unsympathetic to consumers who get this awful effect.

They are being imported b/c they are cheaper than the other kinds. Even the Chinese government agrees they should not be consumed... but they are making it over here!

Shop Rite
1990 W Main St, Stamford, CT 06902

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