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houseflies in the kitchen, help


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houseflies in the kitchen, help

splatgirl | Sep 27, 2012 01:52 PM

My kitchen is adjacent to the patio via a couple of big sliding doors. I cook and eat outdoors a lot during nice weather. In Fall in particular, the housefly situation indoors gets CRAZY. They get in whenever the screen door is open/closed and it drives me insane. I swear I spend an hour a day trying to kill flies in the house, besides the ish of having them around as I work.
I'm prepping for a huge party this weekend, and I've already spent way too much time fly hunting even though it's just me here today and I've only gone in and out a couple of times. ARGH. The number that will get in when I have 60 people here will make me need Valium.
Any suggestions for: A. keeping flies from getting in as people come and go through the screen door, and B. Sequestering/killing them once they are inside without having to be at war for three days.
I do make a huge effort to keep things as tidy and cleaned up as possible while I work so as not to attract them, but it doesn't seem to matter.

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