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House of Tea in Philly? Total disappointment to anyone else?

swanly21 | Feb 5, 200807:00 AM

I drink probably 2 cups of loose tea a day although I wouldnt consider myself an expert, pretty experienced with tea. Generally I drink red tea or mate cuz im not very attentive and cannot stand oversteeped, bitter tea. I went to this establishment about 2-3 years ago to give it a try and got total rude service and decided I would never go back. Ive since moved to the city and was looking online for Mariage Freres Marco Polo tea (the only black tea I have ever really enjoyed). The House of Tea came up in my searching so I thought i would give it another try. I always read good things about this place how it is a family business and so forth. So my fiance and I went down there after eating awesome food at the 4th st deli for lunch and I bought 4oz of Marco Polo tea.
No rudeness but not what i would call pleasantness either. I thought it smelled weird but that it was just me because I hadnt had it in awhile. I made it a few times and suspected it was fake. I bought the Mariage Freres Marco Polo at Williams Sonoma (which I shouldve just done in the first place) and made it to confirm my suspicions--apparently they just have their own blend which is allegedly comparable to the famously delicious original tea from France! I guess this is not technically illegal but a huge disappointment just the same.

Has anyone else had an experience like this or am I just being overly critical?

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