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House of Sichuan
Stevens Creek and Blaney
Cupertino, CA

Last Tuesday night Mrs. Yimster and I had dinner with a service club in the South Bay. This group is made up of most Cantonese and normally we have Cantonese/Hong Kong fare. But this time we were trying something new. This was fifteen courses menu and the amount of food was massive and the price was really cheap. This dinner was for ten (it could be ten Derek’s and Yimster’s) people. I will only name the dishes and not discuss the favor of the food.
I was disappointed in the lack of heat and spicing of the food. The reason I am posting is that, when exiting I was told that the chef’s was told to reduce the heat. I really missed the fire and heat the Sichuan food is famous for. I plan to discuss this with Tanspace and we may return to see how the food taste when the chef is permitted to create dishes that will present the true flavor of Sichuan food. Then I will post on the flavor of this place. Mrs. Yimster is in the process of read the set menus because the price was very good for these set menus. This set dinner was $148.00 and they have a few more lower and higher. If the food is good enough as Han would say a possible site for a chowdown.

We would be offered five cold starters:
These were small dishes which ten people could have a small taste of each.

Jelly fish with chili garlic oil
Thinly sliced beef shank and honeycomb tripe in chili sauce
Thinly sliced pork tripe in a sesame and chili sauce
Thinly sliced side pork with chili and garlic sauce
Shitake mushrooms, bamboo wrapped in tofu skin

Tofu seafood soup, shrimp, mushroom, tofu in a mild soup.

Pork cooked three ways.
Twice cooked pork
Taiwanese powdered steam spareribs
Water cooked pork this dish was mild, when I had this with the Limster I turned red from the heat.

Seafood cooked two ways
Steamed whole Mandarin fish with Shitake mushroom and fresh bamboo
Sizzling rice squid

Beer duck and beef stew clay pot
Whole crispy duck
Stir fried big pea shouts.

Dan Dan noodles this dish was made the way Melanie and I remember it, but without the fire that I liked

Won ton in chili sauce

Eight treasures sweet rice
Two types of sweet rice dumplings (red bean and black sesame)

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