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Hot Thai Snacks, and Bubble Tea Tip


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Hot Thai Snacks, and Bubble Tea Tip

galleygirl | Sep 5, 2002 02:18 PM

I just had a snack that blew the Scovill scale right off the map,(well, maybe not THAT hot...) and it tasted good, too.

I went to my _other_ favorite Thai restaurant, Dok Bua and picked up a slab-o-eel, with seaweed and rice for lunch...No, I don't know if it's authentic Thai, but it was good, and I'll be eating it for dinner, too... They have a bunch of set dinners on the menu now, and they're also selling Lollicup Bubble Tea, the same brand that's creating huge lines at the Super 88 Food Court, so if that's what you're craving, you might save yourself the time and trouble, and get a Thai snack to boot...but I digress...

While waiting for my eel, I perused the snacks near the counter, and saw that they had a bunch that friends have brought me from NY, in fact, many came from Queens. They had the dried, salty-sugared gourami fish, dried-fried anchovies, a bunch of varieties of tamarind and guava candy, and , drum-roll, please, the most unusual snack I have ever seen, "Granny Crispy Tom-Yum"

And I quote, "It's new style of Thai famous dish 'Sour and Spicy Soup'"...

And that's what it is, all the seasonings from Tom Yum, dried shrimp, cashews, lemon grass ribbons,garlic slices, lime, Thai Basil, and WHOLE DRIED CHILIS, roasted, I think, with a little sugar and oil, tho it doesn't say that..And, in all honesty, there aren't THAT many chilis, but the stuff is amazing...Savory, citrusy, herbal, salty, crunchy, did I say SPICY??...Somebody stop me, before I leave my studio and get a Tsing Tao to wash this down with!

It's not cheap, a 120gm container for $6.50, but I've never eaten anything like it!

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