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It's HOT! Is my sauerkraut in danger???

Lady_Tenar | Apr 16, 201212:40 PM

I have a couple jars of homemade sauerkraut fermenting on my counter right now--my first ever! They've been out there for almost a week and they are definitely starting to taste sour and kraut-y (I used a little juice from a jar of bubbe's as an innoculant to speed up the process a little) but I want to leave them out longer to fully develop.

The thing is, we are having a heat wave here in the Boston area! When I first started them, the daytime temp was in the low-to-mid sixties and the kraut hardly seemed to be doing anything. then it zoomed up to the mid-seventies (a little cooler in the house) and it started bubbling like crazy (which was really cool!) Now we are up to the 80s--ugh!--and apparently are going to stay there for one more day. My thermostat currently reads 86 (I find that a little hard to believe but maybe not--it's definitely uncomfortably warm for me!) and, although the temperature will drop at night, there will still be residual heat in my second-floor apartment in a wooden house. :-(

Is this too hot for kraut? It's not going to be like this for very long--we're expected to only have two hot days and then back down to 60-70 (craziest weather EVER this year). But will even that period of time mess up the fermentation or do something else nasty to it? If I put it in the refrigerator until we have reasonable April weather again, will it start up again when I take it out?

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