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Hot Kiddish Club Food Restaurants

Joe Berger | Jan 23, 2012 09:17 PM

I'm with this group of non-jewish Ethnic food tasters
and want to introduce them to Traditional Kosher fare
NOT modern pastrami knishes lox & bagels, rather;
Ashkenazi/Sephardi Shul Hot Kiddish club foods like;
cholent, kishka, kugle, tzimmes, challah, burekas,
stuffed peppers/cabbage, herrings, gefilte fish etc.
the place must be able to reserve 8 punctual people
x3 tables(24), be easy walking distance to the subway,
have very clean and friendly counter or table service.

I've heard such places get very busy late Thursdays,
yet Thursday&Fridays have the best food freshest.
I need to book 7-9pm any day Sunday-Thursday.
I will probably go on foot to double-check these
places myself, but first wanted to ask what venues
I should check out in Boro Park and Williamsburg
where such foods are most popular and authentic,
by establishments that may cater the local shuls.

what I would really like to do is;
actually "throw a Kiddish" inside the Restaurant,
meaning; prepay for them to setup a buffet for
24 people to share, so they can each sample
as many different Traditional foods as possible,
and can refill... this is not an "all you can eat"
group that wants to stuff themselves, rather they
are a "chefs table" breed of food tasters.

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