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Not About Food

What hormones, genetic alterations, antibiotics, and false information have you heard about in the food supply?


Not About Food 78

What hormones, genetic alterations, antibiotics, and false information have you heard about in the food supply?

smaki | Mar 2, 2011 12:22 PM

Do we really know what is going in our mouths? Sometimes it is better not to think about it.

Did you know they tried to put arctic flounder fish gene into tomatoes for better cold resistance. Fortunately these are not in our food supply. Here is more information of something that almost happened:

Extra rBST did make it into the milk supply and when the Fox couple got fired in Tampa that story was not covered by the news as well as it could have been. rBST fortified milk is still around in all kinds of products because a dairy will get 15 - 20 % more production from each cow to make more money. The Feds allow rBST in the milk supply. The Fox News couple who broke the story in Tampa got fired. The milk supply is old news and here as an example only.

What kinds of new things have you heard of not so talked about? We do not want to be a rumor mill so try to provide links to information as back-up to get conversation started on a subject most of us do not like to think about.

Cattle, chickens, pork, turkeys, and most protein that is farmed often involves all kinds of growth hormones and antibiotics. Eating not-natural one would think negatively effects people while not sure of specific studies about it.

Bottom line is we do not know what we are eating from the store or restaurant. Most don't care enough to worry about it so it will continue because the majority rules. Each of us votes with dollars spent and the milk supply is an example of one that is getting better in recent times through consumer education.

Our government often does not regulate this as well as it could. So talking about things to educate consumers can help overall public health. Bad and processed foods make it into the supply chain now. Regulation decisions are driven by money not our health. Talking about it can help us all make better purchase decisions. The court systems are not just the person with the best lawyer just wins, look at OJ who used money to buy his way out of his wife's trial with a win.

I have a garden and enjoy eating food when know where it comes from and every step of how it was made including where the water comes from. It is impossible always to know the history of every item in our mouth while is a great goal to shoot for. It seems most have gotten used to the convenient surpluses of large farms so get their food from the store trusting it is safe to eat when it not always is. Maybe someday food labeling will help those who care. In the mean time it sure is hard to know what we are putting in our mouths even when someone takes the time to try to care.

What kind of hormone, genetic alterations, antibiotic, unknown things going in our mouth horror stories do you have to share about our food supply? Trying to open conversation on topics not covered because those selling bad products tend to squish information with the piles of money made. Conversation helps consumers know about problems, to make better educated decisions using their dollars to vote on who should be around long-term.

~ SMaki

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