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Gooseberry | Jun 2, 2009 08:36 AM

In Hong Kong for only four nights, and at the end of a lot of travelling in Malaysia. To be honest, I think we were all food adventured out. Most of the ‘authentic’ meals we had in hole-in-the-wall places in Hong Kong we didn’t really enjoy; I just think we weren’t tuned into the local palates and tastes, and found everything too salty and greasy for us. We had two dim sum meals which I think are worth sharing. I have always adored dim sum, so I was excited at the thought of having dim sum in, well, the capital of dim sum!

Victoria City Seafood, Sung Hung Kai Centre
Based on recommendations on this board, we went here and I think we got an authentic experience. Lots of businessmen having lunches, and ladies mid-shop meeting for tea and a snack. We accidentally ordered too much (thought we were ordering one special dish, but was part of a four dish special). We had:
Deepfried shrimp rolls with corn, deepfried Chinese puffs, cheung fun with roasted duck and Italian squash (zucchini), roast pork with mustard sauce, har gaw, steamed vegetarian dumplings, steamed turnip rice cake, baked topping BBQ pork buns.

Total meal came to HK$350, and it really was three dishes too many. I thought everything except the cheung fun was good (the cheung fun was very glutinous and heavy, not at all silky like I am used to). The pork with mustard sauce was memorable, but I thought the best dish – and the only one that was superlative enough to warrant a return visit – was the BBQ pork buns. The surface was crisp and the inside was, well, like a cloud. A porky cloud. Superb.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xio Lang Bao, WTC Mall
We sort of stumbled onto this one, in the mall and feeling peckish. We were so glad we did – it was the best meal we had in Hong Kong. And although it wasn’t just dim sum, I thought the dim sum was the best I had in Hong Kong. We paid HK$270 for two. We ate:
- Traditional xiao long bao
- Shredded panfried cake
- La mian with scallion oil
- La mian szechuan style
- Salt pepper ribs
- Braised eggplant in soy sauce
The xiao long bao (soup dumpling) was the best I’d ever had, very thin skinned with a lovely light soup inside, very tender pork. The shredded cake was a lot like a roti, so went down well with me! Both noodle dishes were silky and beautiful, the first simple and the second spicy, quite peanutty. The ribs were some of the best I’ve had, juicy and crispy, served with slivers of fresh ginger which were just perfect with it. The eggplant were like tender pillows, served cold with a salty sweet glaze. We were very happy with this, our last meal in Hong Kong, in a peaceful and lovely ambiance overlooking the bay. We would be happy to return here.

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