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Be it 'uncouth' to share an entree in a (nice) restaurant?


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Be it 'uncouth' to share an entree in a (nice) restaurant?

librarianjen | Oct 7, 2010 12:24 PM

My husband and I are tired of the huge portions in restaurants - it's just gotten ridiculous, in my opinion. So, we often share an entree, but we usually only do this in chain, or 'mom and pop' restaurants. What is your opinion on doing so in a nicer restaurant? Will we look like goofs?

This comes up especially when we travel. Often we are sight-seeing after dinner, and don't want to carry leftovers around. Also, we are not at all opposed to paying a small charge for a sharing privilege. And, we're big tippers.

Still, I feel uncomfortable doing this in a nicer restaurant. What are your thoughts?

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