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homemade ramen - not instant


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homemade ramen - not instant

bbc | Jun 7, 2010 09:25 PM

i love ramen. i could eat it every day, it's so satisfying to me - i even started reading ramen blogs. some might say i'm borderline obsessed, but that's their business. my problem: i live in a city with no good ramen. other noodles sure, but i crave crave crave the real deal. so i'm willing to try to make it. does anyone have a successful broth recipe they'd like to share?

i tried a recipe from a well-rated cookbook, but it was chicken based. while the broth was good, i still feel the taste was not quite right. the kombu definitely gives it depth, but i'm curious what's worked for you? what secret has your grandmother or chef friend passed on to you that i'm missing? the other stock recipe in the book is beef based. should i try the momofuku broth recipe? is that pork based? (truth be told, while i love their ramen, i find DC's broth too salty).

both recipes in my book (not MF) are essentially basic stock recipes with meat/bones, aromatics (carrots, celery, leeks), garlic, ginger, kombu, sake. then + a shio or shoyu base (these feature bonito flakes & more kombu). do other people have pork-based recipes?

i think the noodle part is beyond me right now, and i hear that one can buy fresh ramen noodles in stores. but if anyone has recommendations for particular brands i'm all ears!

p.s. not dissing instant ramen at all. i love that too but fear it's less healthy.

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