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Home made ice cream -- what am I doing wrong?

freia | Mar 14, 2012 03:09 PM

I can never seem to make home made ice cream that is any good. It just either comes out grainy, or not creamy, or it is runny, or it is a frozen chunk of blech on the paddle or it freezes to the side of the bucket part of my mixer first preventing thorough and uneven mixing. I've used multiple recipes, multiple techniques, I have a super cold freezer for the bucket part of my ice cream maker and I freeze the paddle and I chill the ingredients, but I never ever seem to get the kind of results that you see on, say, Top Chef or AIC or even what the recipe says you'll get.
Is this a matter of equipment? Do you need commercial equipment plus a blast chiller to get a creamy smooth ice cream? And how do you store it after it is done (assuming any is left), without it freezing to a hard crystal? When I pack it and cover it with plastic wrap it turns into a popsicle even if I use a top rated recipe and ingredients.
Who here has consistent luck making and storing home made ice cream and how do you DO it?

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