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Not on MY holiday table.

KaimukiMan | Nov 12, 201306:46 PM

Lots of discussion about what people really like to eat from now till the new year's leftovers are cleaned up. I like a lot of things, but some others just put me off. Classics that evade me are

bread based stuffing. yeah, I'll eat it, but whats the point. put some more egg and cream in it and turn it into bread pudding, now that's worth eating. And Oysters in dressing/stuffing? Oh dear God, why? I know I'm yucking on some people's yum - but thats ok in this thread, its all about yuck. Oysters were given an impossibly hard shell for a reason. To keep them out of the hands of curious humans. Lets respect God's plan and leave them in the mud where they were put. Waddaya mean those are clams not oysters? You mean there's a difference?

cranberries. another thing God clearly intended to keep away from people. anything you have to wade around in knee deep water to harvest was not meant to be eaten by man (rice grows in water, but it isn't planted or harvested that way, and with wild rice at least they used to sit in canoes to harvest it.) Anything that needs a two to one ratio of sugar to fruit is highly suspect, although I do have to admit it has a pretty color. But then so do pomegranates and beets. And they have the added benefit of being tasty right from the source. Ok, some people don't' like beets. And some are afraid of pomegranates.

One more is that ridiculous "vegetable" dish called candied sweet potatoes. There is enough sugar in there to brew coca cola for a small nation, and its topped with partially hydrogenated high fructose corn syrup. Yet this dish is inexplicably not found on the dessert table next to the pumpkin pie (no, I'm not fond of pumpkins either), it is masquerading as a vegetable dish. Whats up with that?

And while we are discussing things on the wrong table, take a look at the salads. Face it, anything made with marshmallows, gelatin and canned fruit cocktail is anything but salad.. Nuff said.

Well that's my short list of traditional yums that don't float my boat. There are others, like giblets - but thats not a rarity, so ill save that for a different list.

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