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Historic US Route 40 Diners


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Historic US Route 40 Diners

Melanie Wong | Nov 2, 2002 04:40 PM

Recently I've noticed new road markers popping up on stretches of suburban and city streets designating them Historic US 40, like the one below. In my myopia, previously, I'd thought of 40 only as the back door for getting to Reno from Sacramento. With further research, I learned that while much of the original route in California has been decommissioned, US 40 was the Coast to Coast Highway, stretching from San Francisco, California to Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Along the way, I found the website linked below which has a section devoted to diners along the route that I thought would be of interest to Chowhounds. The list of diners appears to be a work in progress, and I thought we could fill in the gaps. Surely California with 39 diners along its part of Historic US 40 can't really have more than New Jersey which lists only 25. And, does West Virginia really have not a single diner?

The web page has links to state-by-state listings. Interested Chowhounds in each of the 14 states along US 40 could post this request and link to their state's list on their respective regional boards and ask for input on the list and additions. The site's stated criteria for "diner" is as follows:

* Has the word "diner" in its name,
* Is house entirely or partially in a prefabricated diner structure,
* Is enclosed in or uses a trolley car, railroad car or other former form of surface transportation,
* Has an exterior made of porcelain enamel steel or has an abundance of chrome, brushed steel or aluminum on the interior or exterior, or
* Generally are not part of a national chain - Denny's Classic Diners and White Towers are exceptions

In addition the page links to other sites with diner lore and information.



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