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How do you know when "hip" has ruined your food?

Aramek | Nov 29, 200901:41 PM

I've long worried about how much popularity it takes to ruin things for other people. What brings this to a head finally is Pomegranates. I love 'em. Always have. Ever since my mother bought me my first when I was a young boy, I have been hooked. But, lately, I've been seeing Pomegranate recipes everywhere. At first, I was very happy, but, reading one of the front page articles on chow, I now worry about how popular the fruit may become. How will it be viewed? Will people think less of us Pomegranate addicts? Think we're just following the trends?

This isn't limited to my favourite fruit, either. I've always loved Pabst Blue Ribbon, (Hipsters are trying their best to ruin that for me), and I've always loved Sushi (both local and international sushi "snobs" quickly get under my skin).

So, what about all of you? Do you feel that loving foods that become "fads" lessens your desire for them? Do we risk our roomates teasing to continue to enjoy what it is we enjoy?

Me? Pssh.

I'm going to continue eating/drinking what I love, and just hope that it leaves the limelight quickly. But, until then, I may have to enjoy my POM's in secret to avoid being labelled "cool."

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