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Hindle Wakes/Steaming a Whole Chicken?

MMRuth | Jun 15, 2008 09:44 AM

I'm reading a fascinating book called "The Land that Thyme Forgot", about "lost" dishes in the United Kingdom. In one chapter, about Blackpool and Lancashire, he provides a recipe for Hindle Wakes, which is a capon or boiling hen stuffed with prunes, lemon juice (boiled with lemon rind), lemons, thyme, basil and bread crumbs, then steamed for 4 hours, then covered with bacon and roasted a bit more.

I'd like to give this a try, but wonder how in the world to steam this chicken (1.4kg - so I'm guessing around 4lbs)? He also doesn't say what temperature to roast it at. It looks like the recipes below pretty much call for boiling in some way or another .... rather than steaming.

http://thefoody.com/poultry/hindlewak... - this recipe calls for boiling it, instead of steaming.

Other variations:



P.S. The book is fascinating - so many wonderful dish names: Boiled Baby, Crappit heids, Fat Rascals, Cabbieclaw, Frumenty, Figgy Dowdy, Kickshaws, Lobscouse, Krappin, Muggety Pie (made with the umbilical cord of a calf), Sad cakes, Scouse, Shoe Horns, Whim Wham, Wow wow or Bow wow sauce, Stotties, Wet Nellies, Yellowman ... and more!

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