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Hillbilly Picnic Report


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Hillbilly Picnic Report

misslindsayd | Aug 12, 2002 02:36 PM

As this corresponds with a recent thread, I thought hounds would interested in the menu from this barbecue that I attended high in the ‘gunks this past Saturday night. This is an annual event. Music is provided by the local country station. All the food is set out on counters lining the walls of the garage which is filled with long tables covered by red checkered cloths. The space is decorated with about 20 racks of deer horns and some snowmobile posters. I didn’t see any one touch the 500 lbs of dried corn piled in the corner. (this was not a farm so you know what that means)

The grill was so cool! A bigger more permanent version of what my daddy always makes! 2 squares of some kind of metal fencing stabilized by 2 pairs of metal rods and fastened with conduit and small chain. They put the food inside the 2 squares and rested them over a hearth about 5x5 maybe 3.5 feet high built of brick. It usually took 2 men to turn it over, though I saw big guys turning it themselves. This whole hearth was on a few huge slabs of rock in the ground.

Grilled chicken quarters- marinated by a watering can
Venison meatballs
Sausage & peppers served in a crock pot
Clams on the halfshell
Shrimp cocktail
Cocktail sauce
Baked beans
Grilled corn on the cob (toted in a 50 lb feed sack)
Macaroni salad
Broccoli casserole
7 layer taco dip
Veggie flatbread (like pizza)
Melon balls
Fruit salad
Mandarin orange/marshmellow salad in a coconut- cool- whip dressing
Green salad
Sliced radishes
Baby carrots
Mayonnaise rice salad
Spinach dip in a bread basket

bud & coors light served in refrigerated kegs with taps (just like at the bar)
Hawaiian punch, sunny delite, mt dew & pepsi twist
Juice boxes

In the desert corner:
3 types of homemade brownies
Chocolate mice! (hershey’s kiss head with chocolate covered cherry body- the stem is the tail and almond slices are the ears)
Chocolate cake w. green mint icing
Angel food layer cake with icing
Yellow cupcakes with sprinkles
Italian cookies
Store bought bon bons & choc chip cookies
Zucchini bread

Cigarettes and chewing tobacco optional

additional entertainment provided by kids, dogs, hunting tales and shooting stars

I love it here!

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