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High End Liquor in Cocktails - A contrarian flow

fussycouple | Mar 13, 2008 02:33 PM

I have always endorsed something of a contrarian flow in my cocktail drinking, in that I like to use the best liquors in them.

I've always been inordinately fond of two semi-quotes I heard at one point:

"I've spent most of my money in my life on books, women, and wine, not necessarily in that order -- the rest I have spent foolishly."

"Life is too short to drink cheap liquor."

These pretty much sum up several of my general attitudes, and one of the outcomes is how I mix my drinks.

I like sipping tequila in my margueritas, I like single barrel bourbons in my manhattans, I like Bombay Sapphire in my gin&tonic slushy with the mint leaves thrown in to make green ice, and over this christmas I horrified my father by making a Pappy Van Winkle and Coke in a glass with ice.

It was truly the best whiskey and coke I'd ever had.

And that seems to hold true for anything I make. If I make it with all "good liquor", the resulting drink is as good or better than anything I've ever had.

I would say that to me it seems that the typical response of people is "why put good liquor in a rum punch?" So I'm posting this here to see if I'm truly swimming against the prevalent opinion, or how many others there might be who share this idiosyncracy of mine.


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