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High-heat turkey roasting--has anyone done it?


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High-heat turkey roasting--has anyone done it?

LindaMc | Nov 16, 2005 07:07 AM

I've made quite a few turkeys in my day. Generally I brine the bird, dry it in the fridge, and roast in a moderate oven for several hours. But my enchantment with the Zuni roast chicken technique (I was led to it by this board) makes me want to depart from tradition this year and dry-brine the turkey and roast it at high heat.

I've been slightly nervous about this because in the Zuni book Judy Rodgers says that the technique is best for smaller chickens (about 3 lbs). But the dry-brining approach for turkey seems to be validated in this month's Fine Cooking mag, and the generally staid Washington Post food section seems obsessed lately with a high-heat roasting method suggested by a pamphlet at the local Safeway (I think it recommends 425 degrees). So I'm thinking of going for it.

Does anyone have experience with this method? Must the stuffing be cooked outside the bird (I would assume yes)? Does it make a difference what type of turkey is used? I have on order a "heritage" bird from my farmers' market; these are less chesty than supermarket turkeys and maybe they would lend themselves better to the technique. Or would it be worse?!

I'll have guests, but they are likely to be understanding if experimentation goes awry.

Thanks in advance if anyone has advice to offer.

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