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Hey, List that UNUSUAL Ingredient ON THE MENU + Other Delights of Dining (What is Assumed to be Included in a Dish)


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Hey, List that UNUSUAL Ingredient ON THE MENU + Other Delights of Dining (What is Assumed to be Included in a Dish)

alkapal | Jan 29, 2011 04:20 AM

I just had dinner at Bonefish Grill in Cape Coral, Florida , and they ruined a "special" wolf fish stuffed with scallops, shrimp & crab by melting GRUYERE on top. Better (Worse) yet, it wasn't mentioned on the menu description. Here is the exact copy from the website menu: "Imperial Wolf Fish
stuffed with shrimp, scallops, lump crab meat + lemon caper butter ~ a royal delicacy 19.9"

When I took a bite, and the cheese was stringing along, the failure to list the cheese (and the inclusion in the dish itself, most of all) just ruined my dinner. The waitress asked if I wanted something else, and had I not been totally annoyed, I might have had the presence of mind to ask for the dish to be properly done anew without cheese. Instead, I just passed on anything. <Sigh>

I blame myself for not asking that, but my dining companions were eating already, and were not too thrilled that I **had** to talk to the manager (They didn't want to "ruin" their "regular patron" status by having "miss picky-pants-out-of-town-thinks-she-knows-a-lot-about-food-eater" at the table telling the manager that cheese -- which the manager pronounced as "GRY-air"-- did NOT belong on fish. I was using a normal voice. It was not anywhere remotely approaching any kind of "scene" -- honestly.) My dining companions, in general, don't like "conflict" over any restaurant issues -- or at least any disagreement that isn't "dealt with" EXACTLY how they testily advised me that THEY would do it. <Another sigh. Yes, thanks for the advice!>

WHAT in the world is wrong with these people at the restaurant? First, to desecrate the fish with gruyere -- of all things -- and of all cheeses, too (Hey, no Limburger in the kitchen tonight?). THEN, and this is my big gripe: they didn't mention the cheese on the menu. (Somebody out there in the world may actually want fish with gruyere, and I wouldn't want to deprive them, surely, of such culinary heights). <"The epi-tome of excellence.">

They didn't seem to think the failure to mention the cheese was a big deal (or so it seemed to me). Had I gotten another meal, they might have comped it. But, they did comp my (doctor-ordered) ** Sapphire & Tonic (for which I'd had to ask for a wedge of lime after it was delivered as a naked drink). This is another thing: who gets a G&T without lime? Apparently, according to the waitress, many people! <Really?> But hey, waitress, if the practice is not to AUTOMATICALLY put a lime in a G&T, wouldn't you say, "do you want lime with that?"

Am I wrong to expect that the menu discloses the main ingredients of a dish -- especially if they are -- shall we say -- UNUSUAL? What about the lime-less G&T issue? Do you always need to say "WITH A LIME" nowadays?


** Yes, the G&T is doctor-ordered, too. You doubt me?! Fair enough. I needed that drink, though, after a very tedious and stressful day (among many such days) of cleaning out my mom's home of many years of memories and stuff with two sisters -- one helpful, one decidedly not at all helpful). So... I know that there is a little voice in the back of your mind saying, "Hmmmm, alka, you should have been drinking a light aperitif instead of a G&T before a fish dinner (or any meal)." Yes, you can say that, but you have to come down here and tell me to my face! You talkin' to me? ;^D. http://www.sauceforthoughts.dreamhost...

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