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KaimukiMan | Jan 22, 200807:55 PM

In her "table manners" blog Helena has told us it is OK to commit the sin of omission in violating the dietary restrictions of a friend. Apparently so long as it is not a life and death issue (such as a peanut allergy) or perhaps a religious tenant (keeping kosher) then there is no problem with throwing someone's diet out of kilter without even doing them the courtesy of informing them.

I have a good friend who has lost about 200 pounds on a carb controlled diet over the past two years. He has been able to greatly reduce his medications, has incredibly improved his cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate, and is a much happier. And yes, one meal can throw off his chemistry for a week or more.

I seem to find that Helena's advice is frequently very different from my own expectation of what constitutes good manners. I find this latest edition to be a particularly grievous breach of edict. This was not a "little white lie". Helena counseled a deliberate action to mislead someone in the early stage of a rigorous diet program, after there was a promise by the cook to observe the dietary restrictions.

I ask the Chowhound board to consider the value of Helena's future here. Do other hounds share this feeling?

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