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Heinz Ketchup Recipe. Make homemade catsup similar to Heinz or Del Monte.

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It is Valentines Day so thought would make something red.

H.J. Heinz Co. was bought today for $23.3b by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway and its partner on the deal — 3G Capital, the investment firm that bought Burger King in 2010: http://bostonglobe.com/business/2013/... The rich do not need to get richer poisoning us with high fructose corn syrup sweetened ketchup from a plastic bottle as they maximize profits. Make your own homemade catsup with healthier ingredients and storage.

H.J. Heinz Co. is the #1 tomato Ketchup (catsup) brand by far, popular with over 50% of households. Ketchup was added to the Heinz line in 1876. H.J. Heinz Co. is the #1 processor of tomatoes. Salsa recently passed ketchup as the #1 condiment in the U.S.

I grew up on Heinz Ketchup and is a favorite especially out of their famous 12oz bottle (the company recommends a smack to the embossed 57 on the neck of the bottle to get their ketchup to come out). I also like Heinz Ketchup out of packets from fast food joints. Heinz from plastic does not taste the same to me, while I do not know if a different recipe formula in plastic. Heinz is sometimes a little sweet for me so occasionally choose Del Monte Tomato Ketchup for the stronger tomato flavor, and eat whatever costs less. I have grown to prefer Del Monte with mustard on sausage or hot dogs. A few months back I looked at the ingredients and was shocked to see high fructose corn syrup as the second ingredient in my two favorite ketchups Heinz and Del Monte. So decided right then to begin making my own. NOTE: the new Heinz brand 'Simply Heinz' does NOT contain any High Fructose Corn Syrup. The sweetener is back to good old sugar. But they charge a premium for it. Sugar is how all ketchup used to be made until corporate cost cuts replaced it with HFCS.

Several attempts later, here is my Heinz Ketchup recipe clone so far:

6-ounce can tomato paste
1/2 cup light corn syrup, not high fructose - LIGHT
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
1/4 cup good water
1 teaspoon salt - I use Morton's kosher
1/4 teaspoon granulated onion powder
1/8 teaspoon granulated garlic powder

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan whisk smooth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer for 25 minutes (cooking it gets rid of the raw tomato flavor as ingredients mingle together). Remove from heat and cover until cool. Refrigerate and enjoy. I put it in a squirt bottle for easy application to favorite foods. Makes about 12oz. Tastes like Heinz Ketchup. Here is a picture of today's batch:


Above is the basic Heinz Ketchup recipe clone - it is good and a great place to start, while here on CHOW we know a recipe is just a guide. Skip the light corn syrup and go with all white granulated sugar (1/3 to 1/2 cup will do it, to make ketchup similar to 'Simply Heinz'). The sweetener I like to use to make my catsup is evaporated cane juice - instead of light corn syrup and / or granulated white sugar. Evaporated cane juice is a less-processed sugar. It has a more complex flavor and comes in light brown granules. Evaporated cane juice is not as dark or as strong molasses-tasting as light brown sugar.

If desire a stronger tomato flavor to be more like Del Monte Tomato Ketchup use less sweetener and vinegar (I omit the corn syrup and sugar then add 1/3 cup evaporated cane juice and back the vinegar down to 1/3 cup). Still perfecting an even stronger more intense tomato-flavored not so sweet catsup version beyond this decent Del Monte-like recipe (there is nothing like it available commercially and into making my own sauces feel it could be something special while taking it to the next level is beyond a ketchup clone if you choose to go there with me).

Ketchup is great made spicy. Can add your favorite grind of chili peppers when make it to cook in the heat. Or mix in some of your favorite hot sauce to taste after it is done (works great if others do not like it as spicy as you do). Asian sriracha hot chili sauce mixed in ketchup is a tasty favorite.

Catsup mixed with Worcestershire is the start of a decent steak sauce. Ketchup can begin a BBQ sauce. Catsup with mayo is a basic 1000 island dressing (to make not so basic I like to add fine chopped pickle, fresh lime juice, Worcestershire, fine grated Pecorino Romano, and a little salt & pepper). Catsup, a vegetable oil that does not get hard in the fridge, sugar, and vinegar equal parts makes a yummy french dressing I like to eat drizzled over home made ranch on a salad. Ketchup and ketchup sauces is great on french fries, burgers, sausage / hot dogs (with mustard), fried potatoes, and salads. What is your favorite way to eat catsup?

Enjoy. Is simple to make. Please share how you modify to make perfect for you and yours. Still tuning it, but a good start. All feedback and ideas are welcome.

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