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Looking for Heavy Duty Fully-Clad Stainless Stockpots

westes | Feb 16, 201704:42 PM

I want to find some beefy fully-clad stainless stockpots, maybe sizes 4 qt, 8 qt, and 12 qt. Ideally I would like to find a minimum three-layer stainless/aluminum core pot that uses that cladding on the sidewalls, not just the base. And in terms of the sidewall thickness, I really want a substantial piece of metal, say 3 mm or thicker (adding up the three or five layers). Glass tops would be nice, but this is optional.

In evaluating skillets, what I noticed was that the better performing skillets were the thickest ones. The economy models tend to come in around 2-to-2.2 mm in thickness. All-clad was something like 2.9 mm. The Demeyere skillet and saucier were beasts, somewhere over 3.5 mm.

I see some budget-model Calphalon Signature Stainless pots that look very nice, but my guess is the sidewalls are not that thick. I found a line of stockpots from Spring in Switzerland, and those sidewalls are around 2.5mm. Both of these are 5-layer products. The Spring models unfortunately have no US distributor, so on top of costing a lot, the cost of shipping makes them even more expensive. The Spring Switzerland Finesse pot line is the one that I liked because of the glass top. I linked the entire Spring pot series to this post just in case one of you has experience with the Spring pots in any of their series. I also noticed a Le Creuset enameled dutch oven clone in their pot line.

A stock pot is not a very demanding piece of equipment, so I am hoping there are other products to look at that have US distribution and are worth considering. Cheaper is better, but I have the kind of requirements that will not ever be the cheapest product, and I am okay with that.

Pot series Good food loves Spring.

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