Heating empty pans before cooking - to do or not to do?!

john_vaughan | Feb 10, 201904:44 AM     19

Good morning, afternoon or evening all,

What is the accepted wisdom on heating one's pan prior to adding fat and eventually ingredients? Or does it vary wildly on the pan, food, and desired cooking technique?

For example, I have been led to believe that when cooking with copper (tin or steel-lined) or cast iron (e.g. Lodge pans), it is essential to heat the pan (up to 150C or so) prior to adding fat or ingredients to create the natural non-stick surface, otherwise cooking anything is a nightmare.

But then the instructions to my new Mauviel 1830 pan suggests NOT to heat the thing without anything in it else i'll damage it. (presumably they're referring to warping it?)

So who to believe? Is Mauviel talking about high heat for 20mins (which i could understand potentially causing damage) rather than heating low for 5mins to create a non-stick surface?

Or are the two approaches completely contradictory. In which case, who is right?!

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