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Is it healthier to eat red meat in moneration or avoid it?

krissyafite | Apr 4, 201508:22 PM

For years I avoided red meat and ate everything else I loved in moneration(fish, vegetables,chicken, fruit, sweets).I did it mostly for humane reasons. I heard of meat where they massaged cows but I never got the point of that because to me that doesnt mean there treated better. I actually lost a little extra weight (though I wasnt overweight)at the time. Lately, people were telling me you need red meat and while I didnt agree necessarly, cause I eat almost everything else, they told me about organic free range grass fed meat. The animals are kept more humanely and are pasture raised on often family farms, not facory farms. Also chicken you can get pasture raised which was good cause in recent years I hardly ate chicken due the way chickens were treated. Also kosher meat my husband said is more humane.I tried these organic meats and they are are good, preferable with a little fat left on or cooked in a little fat (ITS pretty lean anyway)I eat these meats in moneration. I make lasana with ground beaf and pork and my husband grills me cheese burgers in the summer and I make corned beef once a year. BUT most of my meals are vegetarian, fish or chicken. I havent gained weight. Im not so thin anymore but i wasnt so thin before that, my motabolism slowed five years ago (Someone at my gym told me years ago I couldve gotten heavier from not eating a balaneced diet but thats not true, I was thin for years eating that way) Im not obese though, I gained some weight when I was single and depressed and I gradually lost some. But setting that aside, is eatin red meat in monerstion better even if I had a balanced diet before?

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