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Healthful School Lunches: How Do We Get Kids to Eat Them?

globocity | Dec 18, 201112:59 PM

An article in the LA Times today describes the recent unsuccessful transition in the area schools to healthful foods. The recent changes to the menu included vegetable curry, quinoa salads, and black bean burgers. Not surprisingly, the kids found these foods, which were completely new to many of them, revolting and tasteless. The healthful food being thrown out in droves and junk food being sneaked back in, district officials are making some necessary changes to the new menus. Some kid-popular foods are making their way back onto school menus, such as hamburgers and pizza (modified to make them less unhealthy) although flavored milk and sodas will probably stay off.

This makes me think of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, where he had some students in charge of cooking the healthful foods and talking to their fellow students about what was being served.

What I found funny was the mention of staff supposedly selling junk food on the "black market" to starving kids.

How do you in the CH community think we can get buy in from students at school to eat whole grains, fresh vegetables, lean meats, and the like? This is assuming the parents/families with whom these kids reside are not likely to take part.



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