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does anyone else hate eating alone in public?

rebs | Feb 7, 200812:51 PM

for as long as i can remember, i've always felt very uncomfortable eating alone in a public setting. it's better if i have something to read or if i can watch tv while eating, but if i don't have a distraction then i usually end up wolfing down my food so i can move on as soon as possible OR i choose not to eat at all and go hungry until i get home (it's usually the latter). i love the idea of sitting down at a bar or table and having a great meal with a few glasses of wine by myself, but i just know that i won't be able to relax if i were to try it. in school as a kid, lunch time was where everyone would break off in to their social circles. if you ate lunch alone it meant you didn't have any friends and you were probably considered the class loser. it's cruel, but that's how it went where i grew up. that's kind of how i feel when eating alone, though that's not at all how i perceive other people dining alone.

none of my friends nor my husband can relate with me. anyone else out there have single dinerphobia?

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