Not too happy with my Eurolec oven...


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Not too happy with my Eurolec oven...

purple goddess | Oct 4, 2007 04:22 PM

Mr Goddess and I just installed a Eurolec double oven... (the gas/electricity model with the 3 rotisserie racks)

And I cooked in it for the first time last night.

I was So FREAKING excited, I was doing 2 rotisserie chickens and a huge tray of veggies. I planned to put the veggies underneath the chickens, to baste in the juices.

First problem, even though the rotisserie has space for 2 chickens on each rod, the motor just couldn't deal with it.. 2 chickens was too heavy and it wouldn't turn. We made sure they were trussed, centred and balanced, but nup... no turn-ee.

So we turned off the rotisserie motor and left them to cook on the rod, suspended over the vegies.

After 45 mins on 200C, the tops of the chickens had browned up, but the underneath was still cool... I mean, I could reach in and touch them...

So we physically turned the chickens over and cranked up the power to 220C.

It was another 45 mins before we heard any sizzle....

it was ANOTHER hour before it even looked like it was done.

And when we pulled the food out, the veggies had burnt on the base... and the chicken was STILL uncooked in spots.

It's like there is an enormous cool spot right in the centre of the oven.

In the end we tossed the veggies, put on some wedges and cut up the chickens into pieces and returned them in a tray to the oven and that took ANOTHER 1/2 hour or so.

Total cooking time: OVER THREE HOURS!!!

Needless to saym the Teen Beasts and their various friends were STARVING by the time dinner made it to the table.

What the hell am I doing wrong?

I don't want to admit it, but I don't think I like my hot little Italian very much...

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