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‘Little’ Three Happiness Menu Suggestions (Long)

G Wiv | Nov 5, 200212:21 PM     4


I will be happy to post our dinner menu from last Saturday, along with a few suggestions. While I tend toward non-’Schaumburg’ Chinese at ‘Little’ Three Happiness, if you have a person or two at the table who feels that squid is pushing the envelope American/Chinese standards are quite good at LTH as well.

Saturday menu for 6:

-Two orders of shrimp toast, somewhat pedestrian, but LTH makes a particularly good version.

-Half of crispy skin chicken, served with cilantro, lemon wedges and a Sichuan pepper salt mix for dredging.

-Squid with sour greens. Fresh squid with slightly sweet/sour, almost pickle like, bok choy

-Clams with black bean sauce. LTH is slightly uneven with this dish, ranges from good to exceptional, Saturday was only good. Always has a nice heat level from sliced jalapenos.

-Dry stir-fried crab with ginger and scallion. Blue crab simply sauteed with ginger, scallion and a few hot peppers. My favorite part is digging the crab goodness out of the crab back and, occasionally, there will be loads of roe in the backs and on the plate.

-Salt and pepper shrimp. Typically served in the shell, we often order out of the shell, which is then lightly breaded (very lightly) and sauteed. Salt and pepper squid is also a wonderful dish.

-Pan fried rice noodle with beef and vegetables. The beef was a bit of concession to the less adventurous person at the table, LTH’s beef, while good, has a slightly over marinated mushy texture that is common at many Chinese restaurants. Ask for the rice noodle crisp.

-Pan fried thin (flour) noodles with mixed seafood. The mixed seafood consists of standards like shrimp and squid, quickly delving into the more exotic such as fish lung and Sea Cucumber (sea slug)

The above was served with steaming bowls of rice, tea and capped off with orange slices and fortune cookies. Total was $77, including tax, to which we added tip and rounded off to an even $100.

Some of my other favorites at LTH are:
-Pan fried rice noodles with roast duck, I find myself craving the subtle flavoring of the 5-spice on the duck, not to mention rich duck and crisp skin.

-Any of the sour green dishes, chicken, tripe, squid, etc.

-Any of the ‘with’ bitter melon dishes.

-Shrimp in curry sauce, out of the shell shrimp and onion pieces in a rich Indian style yellow curry. One of my wife’s favorites.

-Saute snails with black bean and garlic. Small snails in a light sauce, a pain in the a** to eat, but delicious.

-Lobster in the shell either dry stir-fried with ginger and scallion or in black bean sauce.

-Pike filets steamed with ginger and scallion.

-Duck, Chinese sausage cured pork in rice casserole.

-Stuffed tofu casserole

-Large bowl of wonton soup with roast duck, shrimp dumpling and thin noodle (Large bowl, great for lunch)

-Chicken puree with sweet corn. Almost like creamed corn soup, thick, rich, filling, comfort food. One of those types of dishes you either love or hate, I order it, maybe, one out of 20 times I am at LTH.

This is getting ridiculously long, suffice to say that I like most items on the LTH menu, with a particular emphasis on rice noodle dishes. Always ask for the noodle crisp.

LTH also has excellent dim sum, congee and lunch specials during the morning and noon hours.

Two other thing I probably should mention, there can be a bit of inconsistency to the cooking at LTH, which is due to the long hours they are open and chef shift changes and LTH is NOT affiliated with the horrid excuse for a restaurant on the NW corner of Wentworth and Cermak of the same name.

I put up a few LTH pics, if the link does not come though due to the attatched picture the url is;


"Little' Three Happiness
209 W Cermak Rd
Chicago, IL 60616

Link: http://www.sptsb.com/new_page_2.htm

Image: http://www.sptsb.com/Crab%20ginger%20...

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