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Hand Hammered Wok from E-Wok Review

Chemicalkinetics | Feb 20, 201208:53 PM

Sternbean and I have recently bought a couple of hand-hammered woks from e-wok:


Sternbean’s post can be found here:


Here are some of the photos I have taken for this hand hammered wok. The first photo is the wok after the initial scrubbing/cleaning. The second photo is the wok after the baked out, first seasoning and oiling. The third and the fourth are close-up photos which show the hand hammered marks. The fifth and final photo shows my stir fried rice (salted fish with chicken fried rice).

This is a true authentic hand-hammered wok, and it is by far the best wok I have ever had. Nothing comes remotely close, and I have used and seasoned a few woks. I am very impressed. I am not saying this because it is a good looking wok, which it is. I am saying this, because it is truly a high performance wok. The thickness is just right. The shape is of the classic Peking (Northern) pow wok. It seasoned very easily. I only seasoned it once, and I was able to make fried rice with no sticking. As you could see from the photo, the fried rice came out fluffy without sticking to each other and forming crumbs. In contrast, I have used the Williams Sonoma wok for two weeks and foods still stick to it slightly. This hand hammered wok is also better than the USA made carbon steel woks from wokshop. Those are good woks, but cannot be compared to this one.

These hand hammered woks are $44 or so. Unfortunately, the shipping and handling cost quite a bit. I ended up paying for $72. It took almost two weeks to arrive. If you are in the market for a good quality hand hammered wok, then you should consider this one.

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