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Halloween specific dishes/recipes.....(a take off of the scariest looking dish thread on this board)

jrvedivici | Oct 17, 201306:36 AM

There is a thread here about the "scariest" looking dish you have ordered and I responded with my scariest/fun dish which is a brain meat loaf I generally make this time of year. (Copy pasted my response from that thread below) Since a few people responded positively to my brain loaf I was about to add some more of my favorite Halloween dishes, however I didn't want to hijack that thread, so I decided to start this.

Here are some great Halloween dishes I created/served at my parties, please share your own!

Brain Loaf;
Primarily meat loaf, which prior to putting into the oven I sculpt into the shape of a brain. I use a knife to mold the the crevices along the sides, and the channel down the middle forming the left and right sides of the brain.

I make my meatloaf pretty much the same as my meatballs, just baked in the over instead of fried, so I mix parmesan cheese into the meat mix, which gives it a nice effect when you remove it from the oven, the cheese melts and oozes out of the meat creating a cool visual effect. When the brain loaf comes out of the oven it looks pretty much what you would expect a cooked human brain to look does gross people out with weaker stomachs!

As I said I make my meatloaf the same as my meatballs so rather than the traditional brown gravy, I serve mine with tomato sauce/gravy, which when poured over the top, obviously resembles blood!

Gardeners Arm Mignon;
Take a whole beef tenderloin and cook as desired. Once finished wrap about 3/4's of it in tin foil, then take a sleeve of a man's shirt (I would use a flannel shirt) and place it over the tin foil, and put a work glove over the cuff end of the shirt. Slice the first slice, put a pool of ketchup on the platter around the meat, and MUST USE an electric knife for the guests to cut their slices. It's even better if cooked rare/medium rare where the meat still bleed's a little bit when slicing.

Vomit/Intestine soup;
Split pea soup, served with diced/cubed potatoes and carrots and extra ham for chunky visual effect to more closely resemble stomach contents.

Bye Bye Barbie Chops;
Lamb Chops, served inside the gutted torso of my daughters old "life size barbie" doll. Yeah....this one is a classic.....I cut a large hole into the torso of my daughters life size barbie....and put a serving platter inside of it. (I also removed the legs from the doll so it's just a torso) Tore up on of her outfits, fake blood etc. Place about a 2 dozen chops, individual sliced for easier serving, a dozen on each side of the stomach, bone side sticking up. In the middle of the lamb chops I place a small bowls of mint jelly and dijon mustard which once again closely resembles stomach contents.

Party Pumpkin Mac n Cheese;
Carve out a vomiting pumpkin face and make your favorite mac and cheese (butternut squash mac and cheese is good this time of year) however use a linguine, spaghetti or angle hair type pasta. (break it in half to make it more eating friendly prior to boiling) Place pumpkin slightly above the serving platter and drape some of the pasta from his mouth into the serving tray. You can place an empty beer bottle or booze bottle next to the pumpkin for added affect.

Those are the best Halloween dishes I have come up with over the years, hope you enjoyed and maybe try some!

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