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ft-greener | Jun 18, 2006 07:35 PM

i like this place, but man, what a mess....
they obviously have some serious management/systems issues to work out, but they are now on their second season, and things seem to have only gotten worse.
i'm not even sure where to start....

first, the good:
their menu is pretty limited, but the food is good. ive had the chicken sandwich and the burger, and neither blew me away, but both were pretty yummy.
the atmosphere is nice, which i have to suspect is by far the major draw to this place. its one of the few places i know of around with a large outdoor space.
the place has been packed since it opened (lots of very cute girls - if youre into that sort of thing).

now, the bad:
if you are unfamiliar with the setup, you wait in line inside to order your food/drink, then you walk outside and hand your ticket to a guy in a truck who prepares your food. when its ready, they attempt to yell your name. ufortunately, however, the past couple times i have gone, the line to order food has been at least 20 minutes long, which is particularly annoying because it is the same line for food and drink. so, even if you finish your beer and want another, you have to go back inside and wait in a 20 minute line to get one beer. also, the food ticket system is a mess. they seem to be completely computerized (touch screen for order taking, etc.) but you still have to take your receipt and hand it to the cooks. this wouldn't be so awful, except that no one tells you that. if its your first time there, you will likely stand around like an idiot, holding your ticket and waiting for your food (i see it a lot), because no one has told you to give the ticket to the cooks. furthermore, their "famous" frozen mojitos haven't been frozen the past 3 times ive been there. in short, the place is a mess.

solutions? i think they need to add an actual bar where you can walk up to and order drinks, that is seperate from the food line. also, a waitress going around to the tables taking drink orders would help a lot. it would not only make it a better experience for the consumer, but they would certainly sell a lot more beer, if people didnt have to wait in a 20 minute line to get one.

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