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gyros--the way they were?


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gyros--the way they were?

steve drucker | May 31, 2001 05:59 PM

Before Times Square was a theme park, I had my first gyro thereabouts, sometime around 1966.

But its my second gyro that I really remember, that then and now defines what a gyro is.

It was under the El in Jackson Heights, thick slabs of layered lamb and beef then sliced across the slabs from a vertically roasting spit. What it wasn't was defrosted compressed ground mystery meat with starch filler and garlic powder from a Chicago packing house that supplies frozen gyro 'cones' and gyro cookers and leathery pita bread nationwide, with the bread soaked in the grease tray.

Also the sauce was thin, red and garlicy and piquant, tomato-based not yogurt based.

Should I be concerned about alzheimer's because of the conflict between my high school memory and what I see out there now?

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