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Gypsy Sweethearts, Ogunquit ME

Morganna | May 20, 2008 06:54 AM

We had dinner there Sunday night.

They brought out some nice slices of bread before our meal, and I was able to enjoy a whole slice with some butter. The butter was a little cold and tore the bread a bit, but if I'd been a little more patient, it would have softened a bit.

My husband had:
Poblano Pepper Rellenos...roasted and filled with corn, tetillo cheese, scallions and currants with smokey tomato salsa and black beans and rice 18.00

I had: Skewer of Sea Scallops...roasted garlic aioli 10.00 and Grilled Portabello ...filled with smoked mozzarella, sage, parmesan, sun dried tomatoes, and apple wood smoked bacon 8.00

We shared a chocolate souffle with rich gooey insides for dessert. I can't remember how much that was. Maybe $8.

The service was wonderful, attentive without being intrusive. The atmosphere was romantic and comfortable. Our waiter was young, probably college age earning summer cash, but nice. It wasn't especially busy when we were there (6PM on the Sunday the weekend BEFORE memorial day weekend), and the waiters and owner were having conversations about various wines not too far away. It was a little interesting, but not too distracting so we could talk if we wished.

My husband said he'd have been just as happy to have fewer things inside his rellenos, and wasn't sure that the currants and corn added much for him, but could see how some folks might prefer it because it did add some complexity of flavour. He tends to prefer the simplicity of cheese and chiles all by itself. The scallion, he said, added nothing.

The black beans were toothsome, not at all mushy, and had a nice flavour. He felt the salsa was nothing to write home about and didn't eat it at all. The portion size looked generous to me, and much to my surprise he was able to eat all three of the peppers. The poblanos had a great flavour, and one of them was much spicier than the others, and the burn built up slowly, as you'd expect with poblanos.

My scallops were large and very lightly grilled and sweet, well cleaned, and had a slightly smoky taste. I didn't really feel they needed the aoli at all, and just spritzed some lemon from the wedge on them. There were also red pepper strips on the skewers that gave a nice addition to the scallops.

The portobello mushroom was somewhat disappointing. It was fairly salty and I'm not a big fan of sun dried tomatoes because they can too easily take over a dish. This is what happened here. They were just too strong for the other flavours and I found myself pulling them out and scraping off the tomato sauce that was on top. I couldn't really taste the smoked cheese, and the bacon was fairly buried, as well. On the whole I think this dish could use a total revamping by the chef.

All in all, though, we were pleased with our meal, the service, and the atmosphere, I'd recommend this place to anyone as a nice romantic restaurant (I wouldn't bring children here, though). The foods I saw other folks eating all looked really good, and they seemed to be enjoying them.


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