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Guests who tell you what/how to cook?


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Guests who tell you what/how to cook?

maddogg280 | Jun 26, 2007 11:26 AM

Recently, I invited a good friend and the new man in her life over to our place for a relaxed dinner at home. I regularly throw weekend dinner parties, so no big deal for me. My friend says she suffers from gluten intolerance, and I've learned how to cook around that (though I often wonder when she eats gluten-containing foods if she is truly intolerant). She is ALWAYS grateful for my cooking and enjoys her visits to my home.
This recent invitation was met with a list of qualifiers on her response. I was so taken aback, I've neglected to answer her as of this time, and will likely suggest that we just go out to eat. How would you respond to this?
1. If you make XXX, plain with just lemon, herbs, no fat/butter/oil, maybe broth, hard to say. Plain rice and plain chicken with nothing on it.
2. We could bring our own food, no problem, and you just cook for you and your husband
3. You can order out and we can just bring our own food

Frankly, I invite friends over because I enjoy cooking and entertaining. I dont' want to be told how/what to cook (unless we're looking to do theme-style entertaining, a different story...) And I don't want to sit down to a meal in my own home where I'm segregated from my own guests. I'm leaning on recommending a local restaurant (and separate checks!).

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