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Ground Beef Woes :(

wulfdog | Aug 12, 2009 09:16 PM

I moved to Washington State actually Olympia in November from Oklahoma. I was impressed with all the fresh seafood, fruits and vegtables, but the first time I ate a hamburger or bought ground beef I was totally disgusted. I bought it from Safeway, Walmart, Fred Meyers and some of the local butcher shops. Always the same thing, stringy tough and chewy, and sometimes tasteless. My Oklahoma cats won't eat it raw or cooked. In Oklahoma they would dog pile you when you opened a package of fresh ground beef. Here they seem interested until you give them a piece. They sniff it and leave. I have tried making hamburgers, hamburger helper, meat balls and always the same results; chewy, stringy, tough, and dry. I have always cooked hamburger patties the same way gentily form a patty place it in a salted pan and sear it on one side until juice starts to form ontop the flip it over without mashing down or disturbing it in any way. When it juices up again flip it over once again and cook again. Oklahoma beef would just fall apart and melt in you mouth. Washington ground beef will substitute for shoe soles. Dry chewy, strings. And tastes like nothing. What is wrong with Washington Ground Beef??? Where can I buy good non stringy gristly ground beef here in Washington. My mom who grew up in Wa said the beef out here is all retired milk cows. Old dry and stringy. I'm beginning to believe her. I thought the other day I would buy an expensive package of 100% pure Angus beef 80-20. Same chewy stringy garbage. Cats wouldn't eat it. I chewed it until I gave up and just eat my green beans and macaroni. Help Me please. WA has everything I need, but good ground beef. John

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