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ground beef vs ground beef in tacos--fat drain?

canadave | Apr 24, 201211:58 AM

Hi all,

This may be a silly question, but....

When I buy ground beef (say, lean) from the grocery store, it's got a certain fat content (however much it is). Now if I prepare that ground beef as a hamburger, I'm basically eating whatever fat is contained in that meat.

However, when I use that ground beef for tacos, I heat the meat until it browns, and then drain off what seems like quite a lot of yellow oily fat liquid. Quite a bit of it. Does that mean that when I eat those tacos, the fat content of the meat is now quite a bit less than if I'd made hamburgers from that meat instead?

If so, does that mean tacos are intrinsically healthier than hamburgers, even if made from the same stuff?

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