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Where should I grocery-shop on the cheap near Capitol Hill?

sarahtravels | Apr 30, 201211:14 AM

I'm sure this has been covered before, but I tried a search and couldn't find it - so apologies in advance if I'm rehashing.

Anyway, I've been living on Capitol Hill (the 15th Ave part, near Group Health) for about a half a year, and there are a LOT of supermarkets/grocery stores nearby but they are all ridiculously expensive. I pretty much only shop at Trader Joe's these days, but it doesn't tend to have everything I need. When I lived in Wallingford, I used to shop at the Ballard Fred Meyers, which has pretty much everything, including low prices, but it's a bit of a trek for me now.

I know about Grocery Outlet, but that's pretty hit or miss - fun to hit every once in a while to look for deals, but not a "every Sunday afternoon" type place. I've been to Uwajimaya and it was fun but not especially cheap.

What I'm looking for: someplace with reasonable prices, a good selection of produce, meat and pantry items that I can use as my go-to once-a-week shopping destination. Another Asian market would be fine, since I cook a lot of "Asian-style" food.

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