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How to grocery shop

Ruth Lafler | Sep 7, 2002 05:21 PM

I was in a small market I'd never been in before, and even though I only needed a couple of items, I spent a fair amount of time wandering up and down the aisles, looking carefully in the display cases and browsing the shelves. (This happened to be a neighborhood market with a small but particularly well-edited selection of products at reasonable prices -- I had to restrain myself from buying some premium oils and vinegars -- next time!)

I realized that I do this frequently -- whenever time allows in a new market and periodically in markets I patronize regularly.

Even if I'm not in the market for it that day, I like to know what's available where and at what price points. I make sure I check the top and bottom shelves (where the weird things they don't expect to sell much of are), and the specialty and/or international foods aisles. I keep a mental list of interesting products and/or products I like at exceptionally good prices.

I know many of my fellow hounds do this, but I also know from questions people ask about where to buy things, that many people don't.

How do other hounds shop? Any tips or strategies?

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