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Grilled 5-Spice Quail with Watercress Sauce


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Grilled 5-Spice Quail with Watercress Sauce

GG Mora | Sep 2, 2003 09:18 PM

Several (many?) years ago, a recipe appeared in the Sunday Times Mag. for Grilled 5-Spice Quail with Watercress Sauce. My dearest friend cut out the recipe and made it several times to great effect until....she tucked the recipe away for safe keeping and never found it again. To this day, she'll bring it up in the context of something unrelated, as she did, well...just today: "I couldn't for the life of me find my address book and then by chance I went through the pile of magazines in the garage because so-and-so wanted last week's New Yorker, and -- can you believe -- there was my address book. I was hoping maybe that Quail Recipe would show up, too, but..."

It was a terrific dish -- the cool, tangy watercress sauce was a perfect counterpoint to the warm, spicy quail. Anyway, I promised to play Sherlock on the matter. The quail/spice part is easily recreated, but the watercress sauce....I did a Google search and checked Epicurious & the sauces I found were either oil-heavy, or goop-filled (ick...corn starch in watercress sauce?). This sauce was creamy and tart and pale green, suggesting the presence of cream -- heavy, sour, fraiche or some such -- and lemon juice.

Anybody got a recipe they can share? I bet I could approximate it with a little doodling in the kitchen, but a straight-on recipe would save me the time I don't have right now.

All suggestions appreciated...

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