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Grill pans. Do you like them?


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Grill pans. Do you like them?

Wapptor | Jan 21, 2013 10:18 AM

Hey guys,
I have a Le Creuset square grill pan that I never use. It was a gift and I haven't used it once in like 3+ years. I was thinking of selling it (seems I could get 70-80 bucks for it easy) and saving the money or spending it on something that I want more.

Do you guys have/use grill pans? I feel like a bad person getting rid of such a nice item but the truth is I never use it. If I'm cooking fish I'm using my non stick. If I'm cooking steak I'm generally searing it in my regular cast iron and if I'm cooking chicken it's usually braised or roasted. I love grilling but prefer to do it when I have access to a real grill.

What do you think?

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