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The Rogue | Feb 20, 2005 12:17 PM

When I was doing my trip around the world I picked up lots of food related gifts for myself and others. All through Asia I ran across tea. I know a bit about tea... but not as much as I would like... I hate not having a deep knowledge on any food related subject. LOL

In Japan, China, and Hong Kong I picked up many varities. Some look like round 1 inch balls that open in hot water into a flower like shape with a red flower blossom (China). Another type says "First pick leaves 2004 season" (Hong Kong), Another is, I think, some type of Gunpowder... each leaf is rolled into a very small ball/pellet (Japan).

I have had good green teas before but am always getting the water temp, brewing time, and amount of tea to water wrong... what are the best ways to prepare these teas?

WHat is the best in-depth book to read on tea, geen or black?


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