Green smoothies in Vitamix?


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Green smoothies in Vitamix?

jpayne80 | Jun 5, 2013 07:24 AM

I just bought a used Vitamix 4500 for about 1/2 its retail cost, mostly because I want to start making meal-replacement smoothies. Now here's where I get weird... ;) I can count on both hands the fruits and veggies I actually like. My issue with most vegetables is the taste; with fruits, it's primarily a texture or seed thing. I do like the actual flavor of most berries. For greens, I like kale the only way I've ever prepared it (in chips), and I like spinach; however, I don't want my smoothies to actually taste like either. Will whatever berries, yogurt, etc I put in there overpower the greens? And will the Vitamix completely pulverize berry seeds? I know...I have major food issues - not for lack of being willing to try anything though. Thanks in advance for any help, suggestions, beginner recipes, etc anyone can provide. :)

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